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Small apartments have many positive features even though most people would like to live in a spacious house. One of them is the low rent cost. Small apartments are usually located in the center of a jammed city. They’re very cozy and you will feel happy and relaxed in a small home if you know how to design it. Here are some tips by ALGEDRA Interior Design to help you in this process:

The major mistake that most people who live in a small apartment do is that they only buy functional furniture. Instead, they should balance between beauty and functionality.  It is important to have all the basics in the apartment while keeping it beautiful.

 1.First, you must take into account when designing a small apartment to pay attention to each blank space separately, because thinking of the whole space in the apartment as one entity will end up making it into one big mess. So each void space’s role and functionality must be thought of separately. Also, you can add the stuff that you need to practice your hobbies easily.

beautiful kitchen design

 2.Second, the use of smart furniture that is multi functional is a great idea. For example sofa beds that have stored boxes, a dining table that can be used for work and other activities. One should take into account the size of this furniture so it won’t occupy most of the space available, and leave no room for movement.

 3.You should reconsider unused corners, walls and the cupboard under the stairs. After a while, you will find the optimal ways to use these empty spaces for storage or you can add a desk or a chair or even use it as a cupboard for the kitchen.

 4.In small apartments storage is usually vertical, for example, cabinets and drawer chests which are the best options for a small and tight space.

 cabinets and drawer ideas

 5.Choose light colors. Light color gradients make the room appear more spacious. Choose two or three light colors to enrich the appearance and the atmosphere of the place.

 6.Large pieces of furniture will definitely make the space smaller and tighter. Use small furniture instead.