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There are many curtain styles such as the classic and modern in addition to the new designs such as the metallic, the roll and the shutter or ones that are made of canvas, metal, plastic and bamboo, curtains are easy to use, they bring beauty and preserve the privacy of the place in addition to controlling the amount of external natural lighting and forming shadows in a variety of forms that are comfortable to the eye.

ALGEDRA experts recommend many types of curtains that will give consistent shades to the house:

1. Canvas curtains:

This kind of curtains is easy to use, and reflects the shadow in one color or reflect the curtains’ decoration, they come in multiple colors to suit the living rooms, bedrooms and the kitchen, their colors also suit the decor, and they are horizontally retractable.

They are Made of the best types of fabrics such as velvet, linen or silk, which vary in the amount of the light they allow to pass to form shadows, and they are used in the sitting room or parlor.

2. Metallic curtains:

 They have horizontal blades these curtains are highly used because they are easy to install and clean.

They are Characterized by the multiplicity of colors to suit your furniture, you can add a simple touch by adding more than one color to the one curtain, one of the best features of this curtains is that it has a flexible blades movement and control the amount of light entering the place through them.

They are elegant and easy to use, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes such as the auger style which is very suitable for offices.

3. Vertical canvas curtains:

 These curtains are Characterized by long vertical cloth segments of high quality to allow free and easy movement, this curtains have many colors that suit all tastes and the easy movement of the curtains control the light transmittance to give forms of long shadows that vary in size and form, they usually are made of thick or patterned cloth which provides good privacy, and the curtain rail has its own double movement which allows full or partial closing of the curtains.

-This type of curtains is Suitable for living rooms, offices and modern bedrooms.

4.Distinctive wood curtains “Bamboo”:

 Everyone is always eager to nature because it is a source of comfort and tranquility, so when you combine sophistication and luxury, presented in the form of wooden curtain in natural colors that are consistent with the place.

Distinctive wood curtains

These curtains are consistent with most types of modern decor and they fit in the living room, bedrooms and reception halls, and they are available in many forms and graphics that reflect many types of shadows, they add a natural charm and beauty to the place, it can be considered as an artistic painting and not just a curtain with a specific movement.

5.Colorful stained glass:

 Is another creative way to provide decorative shadows to the place, it forms an artistic painting by allowing sunlight through it, there are some that are colored with artistic decorations ranging between gold pieces and honey brown, there is also stained glass in natural colors or colored in floral patterns.

Colorful stained glass decoration


 shutters can be made of thin plastic blades or wood, in the form of roll that can be lifted up, this type of outer curtains form many shades depending on its shape or The degree of closure, which can be closed fully to stop light from entering the place. or close them lightly to form soft shades through simple lines of light, you can open them in the form of an angle, to reduce shadows and increase the amount of lighting.

They are Available in several colors and are used in modern apartments and villas.

shutters wood decoration for villa

Some still prefer the old rustic style, which uses the external wooden windows that open wide to let air in and into the coolest place, and they are also easy to paint.

They are used a lot in the countryside in particular and in beach houses because of their beautiful colors.