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Are you thinking of adding a touch of luxury and elegance? Here are some tips from the top interior designers in the ALGEDRA company for you to choose what suits your home interior design and your budget:

 1. In case the room has a window overlooking a gorgeous landscape or a garden decorated with beautiful flowers and trees, we prefer that you choose simple and soft curtains in beautiful details to highlight the aesthetic views and to serve as a frame for a natural painting.

2. Floors that have natural colors like beige, lend a distinctive touch to the rooms and mingle easily with any color you choose for sofas and pillows, it also gives a welcoming sense.

3. Colored lighting is ideal to refresh the living room interior design or reception which are characterized with single colors. They provide infinite vitality.

4. To give a modern living room a stylish and luxurious appearance it is recommended to add some pieces of old furniture like a seat or closet. By doing so, you give the room a whiff of originality and you add luxury and elegance to the room.

luxury and elegance to the room desing

5. If you have a favorite piece of antique and you want to highlight it, focus the lighting on it to make this corner the most eye-catching.

6. Chose the paintings and hang them on the wall before furnishing any room in your home because the paintings colors and lines make a great starting point for furnishing the room and choosing accessories instead of buying the paintings after to save your time and your efforts.

7. Dark corners in some rooms of the house, give a sense of discomfort solve this problem by hanging large mirror to reflect light and add space to the place.

8. Wallpapers featuring distinctive designs in various colors and forms are captivating to the eye, there are those that have patterns of roses and flowers in large and small sizes, in addition to the outstanding geometric forms. Let it be your choice this year to cover one of the walls of the room to give it a touch of art chic.

9. Avoid distributing small accessory in a spacious room, they do not give the visual and aesthetic impact required of them, and instead choose large accessories such as large sculptures or vases, taking into account a vacant space around them.

paintings and furnishing room

10. A high bed is ideal for a room with a high ceiling.

11. Cabinets installed in the wall are ideal way to take advantage of the room space completely, especially if they were in line with the color used to paint the walls, rather than hanging shelves on the wall that are repulsive to the eye and don’t fit with the overall atmosphere of the room.

12. Many choose the white color for mixers, sinks and bathtub in the bathroom, although the color white is pure and gives a sense of purity and cleanliness, it gradually makes the place look more like a doctor’s clinic, and to avoid this feeling decorate the place with colored accessory and choose colored lighting to spread an atmosphere of fun over the place.

Cabinets design

13. Make sure to keep a balance when furnishing your home. Furniture becomes balanced if you achieve symmetry, balanced diversity and harmony in the distribution of distance, shape, line, color, light and shadow.