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House is the place where everybody goes to have privacy, comfort and relax. It is the place where everyone feels secured.

It is very important to have a nice and warm house to get back to it after a long tiredly day, fulfill the need to belong to the place and feel the privacy and refreshment which shall give the opportunity to innovate and create. Here are some tips for a warm and intimate house:

 Using the proper lighting is the fastest way to change the feeling towards the room. For instance, using the same ceiling light looks cold and bleak. But using different colors and designs of lighting makes it warm and relaxing for the house owners and the guests.

Choice of the paintings should reflect your personality. Artist or source is not as important as what the painting mean to you, or what you feel when you look at it.

different colors and designs of lighting

Do not forget also that some other things also reflect your personalities, like stamps and instruments.

Memories are the most important things you get from your house, and you cannot get them if you are using your house as a hotel. Open your house to your visitors and guests, and share your life, house and memories with them.

Even if you are living in a small house that looks like a bleak box, you still can turn it into a dear intimate house by small changes that can make a big difference. Use pictures, paintings or furniture. It is not necessary to make big changes to feel the difference. Small changes are fine.

Applying some decorations to the house will help in making you fell that it is your house that you love. Some additions of paintings or family tree through fingerprints, or even sharing your children making some lovely artistic objects.

Hang a framed photo of your family on the wall. It brings back some nice and warm memories and is a lovely addition to the room or even the corridor.  lovely artistic design

Add some colors to your rooms. The correct choice of colors has a magical effect on turning the house into intimated warm place. Use some brave and warm colors to make your room relaxing.

Use some ancient decorations like the Gramophone. It is one of the most famous symbols of the nineteens decade. Place it in a modern room to feel the change. Use unexpected decoration like that with the famous color of copper or re-paint it with the bold turquoise to fit the color group pf the walls and furniture.

Adding a heater to the room helps to create lots of great ideas, like inviting friends and family to grill some fruits and sweets. The fire itself within the room is a fantastic change in the room!