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The general landscape of the villa are the front and back garden, it is the front of the house and also the place to relax and plan barbecues with friends and parties around the swimming pool in the summer, so you must take care of it and give it a distinctive design, so that guests and home owners would like to stay there and enjoy their free time.

First you start with the garden entrance as it is the considered the first impression of your house, it can be as large or small as needed, decorated with flowers, shrubs and climbing plants.

Garden Lanes are designed to be clear and comfortable to walk on, paved with smooth stones and surrounded by flowers and shrubs that make walking through the garden more fun and entertaining.

beautiful garden entrance design

 Flowers Can be arranged in various ways to suit the taste of home owners, they can be arranged randomly or in straight lines, in the land immediately or in pots, flowers are beautiful no matter their shapes and colors and will bring joy to the home owners and guests, so take care of them and your garden will be so beautiful.

You can arrange a seating area next to the pool by adding couches or chairs, ALGEDRA engineers advise that you add a small dining table in case the weather is beautiful and sunny, preferably surrounded by beautiful flowers and delightful and fragrant plants, sitting in such places refreshes the mind and soul.

You can arrange a place for barbecue with a small space and several tables and chairs and couches, that would be fun, especially in the summer.

landscape majlis design

The presence of swimming pool in the garden will moisturize the weather, and will make summer more fun, so it is preferable to ensure the presence of a suitable pool in a beautiful garden. Take care of it and clad it with colored ceramic and take care of its surroundings and add anti- slip tiles for safety.

In the design of your garden you can use the elevation technique, for example the seating area is elevated from the rest of the garden, then the pool and finally several seating areas and areas walking or exercising and other activities, and thus you use only several steps not more than 5 to make walking through the garden interesting as you change the rectum walking pattern in addition to the diversity of flowers and plants in the garden that will make it more interesting.

swimming pool design

As for the lighting, you must study well the places you placed the bulbs in, to ensure safety from the presence of intruders and strangers, and to make sure to avoid tripping and falling accidents, and to provide the garden and, of course, the villa a very beautiful look yet different from their appearance in the daytime.

Lamps should be placed at the stairs, around the corridors and the area around the swimming pool, entrance, windows and other back doors, and sitting areas and play areas.