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As we want to give our kids best, you might want to go all-in with decorations, and surround your child with a beautiful interior which might develop good taste from the early years.

As a toddler might not care for the interior and room interior décor is more for the parents, however, growing up it will be grabbing attention when kids start exploring their surroundings.

Here are some unique girl nursery ideas to help you out.

First, decide if it will be a themed nursery or a certain style of interior. This may help determine the color scheme and further choice of the furniture:

Girl nursery colors

When choosing the color for girl nursery what first comes in mind is pink. You may step away from most traditional gender colors and paint room walls in different colors. Grey is one of the colors that can be used in combination with pink, blue, green, purple, peach and others. Pink and gold are other stylish combinations. It is better to use pastel colors in a toddler room to prevent overstimulation, however for grown up a bit girls' room color scheme may be very colorful for developing creativity and imagination.

Unique girl nursery ideas

Girl nursery theme

Classic Princess theme in pink colors or colorful Walt Disney princess, animal theme or safari- for animal lovers, dreamy butterfly theme, nautical, moon and stars, mermaids, unicorn- just a few to name as possibilities are endless.

Girl nursery curtains

Curtains will make room dreamier if using light curtains, but what needs to be taken into consideration that curtains for blackout are a must to ensure darkness in the room for better sleep while day time.

Unique girl nursery ideas

Girl nursery rugs

Rug in a girl room is a necessity, not only it creates a cozy atmosphere, but also more safety for when kids playing and crawling. Some great selection of solid, patterned or even interactive prints, kids friendly rugs from wool or viscose would suit the interior of girl nursery.

Unique girl nursery ideas

Girls nursery bed

Lovely crib for a baby girl from solid wood can be in various colors, custom-made and decorated with small canopy for a dreamy look. For the older grown girls bed can be most elegant, bedhead decorated with carvings and plush material.

Unique girl nursery ideas

Girl nursery chandelier

Pink crystal chandelier in a girl nursery will look extremely charming if you choose a classic style elegant interior design. With many options to explore you might want to go with modern bespoke lighting for a themed interior.

Wall décor

Depending on the style wall décor might include painted wall art of the chosen theme. Little pro tip: it is a good idea to use a washable wallpaper in a kids room, to prevent the need for repainting the walls if kids will stain them while playing.

Unique girl nursery ideas

Girl nursery dresser

When setting up a girl nursery it is easy to forget a wardrobe. It is more convenient to install a dresser in the nursery room to have all necessities by hand when needed. Apart from a commode, you may want to install a wardrobe treating your growing girl as an adult lady from the early years.

Unique girl nursery ideas

When designing kids' rooms, whether you choose themed playful décor or stylish interior for girl nursery, important to remember safety comes first, therefore using natural, quality healthy materials is important.

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