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Sports has become a very important part of our lives, it is not just a hobby or a habit for the rich, it should become a life routine, but many people don’t have the time to get a gym membership, so now you can bring the gym to your own house.

 There is a misconception that a home gym is for the rich and celebrities, but that is wrong all you need is an empty space, tools, good lighting and ventilation.ALGEDRA experts advise to determine the space needed for each machine, so you don’t waste space on unnecessary things.In a large room for example distribute the sports machines evenly and according to the space they need for when you use them, for example distribute the machines with a good amount of space between each of them, while keeping all the tools such as bands, mats and weights in a special corner.

But if you have a small room, you can place two machines that have multiple features and place them in the middle. ALGEDRA experts advise you to have the floor covered in coquette or wood Coated with a non-slip material to protect home owners from accidents.The kitchen has become integrated with the living room and dining room in modern designs, Sports room can also be included with them, so they all look like one chamber, it will give the person extra motivation because he won’t be isolated from home and television to exercise.

Sports room need to have excellent ventilation and lighting, so it is preferred that the room contains large windows to allow the largest amount of sun and fresh air to renew its air daily.

When you shop for machines for your home gym look for the best quality not best price, as machines that you can fold are cheaper but have less durability than fixed machines, so it is better to test them before buying them or ask ALGEDRA experts for help.

You don’t have to get huge machines to workout, simple tools such as weights, ropes, yoga mats, a large rubber ball and many other will do the job and they are easier to move around, for example you can turn your living room to a gym at any time!