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Villa hall interior design reflects the taste and elegance of the house owners. Apart giving the first impression to the guest of your house it is also the first place that sets your mood every time you enter your home.

Being a linking element between the entrance area and the residential part in home interior it may continue style of all the rooms within the house or can have an independent design if it is separated from other villa rooms.

As it is a pass through area furnishing is minimalistic or may have no furniture at all, therefore huge attention goes into finishing materials and decorations.

Finishing materials for entrance should be durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Use of natural marble in villa entrance gives luxurious feel.

You can make a statement with customized marble waterjet design, which will add uniqueness and individuality to your entrance interior.

It is possible to create most sophisticated atmospheric interior of villa entrance with water features like mini fountains.

You may add depth and texture to the walls using decorative rock, wall panels or decorative plaster and gypsum. Symmetrical columns compositions, wood panels and some other materials like expensive monogramed wallpaper can be used to achieve impressive design.

Ceiling framed with cornices moldings and a crystal chandelier centralized lighting adding a majestic look if you going for classic style design. For the modern style interior design suspended or stretched ceiling with installation of the lighting.

Mostly entrance hall area does not have windows, so lighting should be diverse to make it look spacious and bright.

Use of mirrors creates an illusion of endless space and at the same time adds functionality as it always great idea to have a look at the mirror before leaving the house.

It is preferable for the villa entrance lighting to be prominent like a large chandelier when the ceiling is high, or some luxury lamps that suit the house style when the ceiling is low.

In a large lobby interior a circular entrance table that reflects the character of the home, but if the space is small use a rectangular table and hang a luxurious mirror above it to add a touch of elegance and magnificence. 

In luxury villa with few floors having a staircase at the entrance emphasizes the open space.

Style and design of the stairs always depending on architectural features and space layout of the villa.

As home entrance design gives the first impression of the whole place when entering villa hall might be the best place to put that art masterpiece you couldn’t fit in other rooms.

Adding accessories best to choose distinctive pots of flowers in crystal or porcelain, and the use of natural plants and natural scented flowers. You can also use a masterpiece worthy of the table and the entrance, in addition to a painting to decorate the wall in the hallway.

As home entrance design gives the first impression of the whole place when entering villa hall might be the best place to put that beloved art masterpiece you couldn’t fit in other rooms.

Placing the statue or art piece in the middle of the hall right at the entrance will give that wow factor to everyone who will be entering your home.

With all that it is possible to make your villa entrance extra welcoming and more than just a corridor that leads to other rooms within your home.