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- People often attend to put too many decorative items in their front yard, which can be a distraction from the beauty of the natural landscape.

- Planting in the wrong place, People often do not take into consideration the proper sunlight and exposure for their plants.

And when it comes to planting trees, you need to remember how big they could get and how much space.

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- A lot of people forget about the view from inside the house. Keep in mind what it looks like from all angles. It should be like a painting. When you look out, you should see the glass framed with beautiful trees and foliage.

- Just because a plant looks pretty doesn't mean it actually belongs to your yard. A lot of people mistaken in picking the plants. You have to take into consideration your particular backyard, with filtered light or shade, and what's going to work best for you.

- People should consider what palette they'd like as well as is which colors work well together, they should Look at the color of their house and then choose one color that really frames it. If it's too strong, it almost can become a distraction.

- You should plan out your garden regarding to the seasons. When homeowners go to a nursery or plant yard, they often just buy what's in season at the time. Various flowers bloom at certain times of the year. People should select plants look good in the winter and in the spring, if possible.

 Landscape design by ALGEDRA

- One of the mistakes people make when they think about planning their yard is that they only visualize it during the day. Just adding some exterior lighting not only helps with vision and movement, but it also really makes the garden pop.

- Don't start a landscaping project without a plan. Contact ALGEDRA. 

Landscape design by ALGEDRA