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Algedra Design Process: Villa Tour in Meydan Dubai

Algedra Design Process: Villa Tour in Meydan Dubai
Algedra Design Process: Villa Tour in Meydan Dubai

This is a project tour of the villa that Algedra is working on in Meydan, Dubai. It explains our design process and how our team goes about it to turn our clients’ dreams into reality.

Our scope of work in this villa is the landscape and interior design. Firstly, 3D perspectives are made based on our consultations with the clients and the input given by our expert interior designers. In this stage, our clients tell us what they want, what their home should look like.

After the approval of our clients’ on the 3D designs, the groundwork begins.

For this villa, the existing landscape setup was demolished and the work is going on for the new setup. The work on the new landscape will be finished in a few weeks and it will include a swimming pool, gym, outdoor sitting area, BBQ area, plantations, water feature and a breakfast area too.

Now the interior progress. We started with the gypsum work and preparation of the floor for marble installation by demolishing the old tiles. The new marble setup will be decorated in a way that the ground floor, the staircase and the first-floor sitting area will be the continuation of the same decorative style.

For the living area, we installed the decorative pieces and developed moldings; the main door will be replaced by a new glass door to give a more elegant look and to have a landscape view.

For the master bedroom, we have merged two separate rooms to give a grand look. For the dining area, we have removed the door to give access to the breakfast area and made some other modifications too. 

The kitchen area will also be expanded and we expect the overall project to be finished within a few weeks. If you want your villa to be reinvigorated, then contact us.