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Contemporary Style Residential Villa Décor in Dubai

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Contemporary Style Residential Villa Décor in Dubai

Combining a mixture of Islamic, Modern, Classic styles controverting aesthetics in a luxury residential villa decor is one of the most challenging aspects that interior designers and engineers can ever tackle in a project, but the Algedra team managed to design this residential villa décor radiantly in Dubai.

The idea of the project was to spotlight the veiled tradition by using classic details and chandeliers with a sumptuous layer of modern nuances on the surface, so the final touches brought out to be contemporary yet eclectic with the reflection of Islamic ingredient and classic components of French style.

The Algedra Interior Design team out-set design by pointing out classic accents on the walls that extend throughout the interiors. Furthermore, segregated majlis design for men and ladies were incorporated with high ceiling, modern style and classic touches.

Entrance and stairs span all across the elevation and provide a stunning panorama of black marble’s unique outlook. The interior is a successful subset of modern design, more classic and traditional accouterments, which is mixed together to give it a rather exclusive and recherché look.

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