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Contemporary Islamic Villa Project in Dubai Hills by Algedra

Modern Villa Project Dubai Hills
Contemporary Islamic Villa Project in Dubai Hills by Algedra

Dubai Hills Estate, also commonly known as Dubai Hills is a major developmental project in the Mohammad bin Rashid City, sometimes called as 'city within a city' due to scale of the development taking place.

This villa project in Dubai Hills is an another masterpiece by Algedra interior designs, it was a new adoption of the neo classic style, which was devised after a special meeting with the client, to reflect the customer's taste and preference for the surrounding environment.

The designers team created the details of the neo classic style and displayed its beauty and elegance in every corner of the project. Engineers with their vast experience worked to transform the dream into reality using some elegant gypsum works as well as simple and sophisticated classic decoration that needed precision in execution, which gave along with the white walls and paintings an indescribable feeling, and the neo classic style of furniture completed the magnificence of the interior design.

The interior design was inspired by the style of the neo classic in each room. It was designed to hint glittering details to explicit the aspects of well-living and prosperity life. The interior design team consisted of 3 creative interior designers. The project was implemented without interruption for 300 hours. The fit-out team was composed of 3 engineers and 10 workers. That worked for four months to complete this masterpiece in Dubai Hills before the deadline and masterfully dazzle the client of achieving his dream to own a luxurious neo classic villa that reflects his taste and features aspects of his personality in front of his guests.