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Sophisticated Apartment Design and Decoration in Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Sophisticated Apartment Design and Decoration in Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Sophisticated Apartment Design and Decoration in Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Algedra's newly built apartment project has become more sophisticated than ever.

Designers, decorators and architects have taken on a mission to come up with interior design ideas that are multifunctional, space-saving and ultra-luxurious yet minimal. We were able to create a serene environment that feels much bigger than it actually is with a little visual trickery, flexible furniture design, and smarter open-plan living.

The aim of the project was to design the Armani Hotel’s apartment in Burj Khalifa, to transform the interior into a more flexible and bright living space, to adapt more to a luminous lifestyle and completely change the perception of space.

The living room is located at the front in continuity with a window to take advantage of maximum radiation and brightness. The narrow and dark corridor of the original distribution is replaced by a central dining room located in the center of the residence, transforming the most dim and narrow space of the plan into a bright and cheerful central piece.

Prior to the spatial transformation, the consensus of the designer and client was to sustainably preserve the traditional, wooden floor parquet and added some marble details to the entrance hallway by adding mirror-matched gold details to create more depth.

Furniture was curated as the final touch, in keeping with our designer's belief that home design is incomplete without the visibility of permanent traces that reflect one's life. The minimalist TV panel shelving  injected into the living room is finally filled with valuables that contemplate the charm of a home that truly echoes a love for life.

The project had clear goals with a lot of aesthetic personality in the role. It has a neutral basis and explores materials and accents in all their possibilities in an unusual and unconventional way. We have used quality materials for the tables and tiles, the customised table is smooth Carara marble, while the walls have a modern and vivid texture, which we used wallpapers through bedroom design adorning greenery details in it. 

Through bedroom to living room use of personalised artworks and frames help to promote a sense of artisan and look of high-end design. Unique accessories and furnishing reinforced a more grandeur ambiance. 

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