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Contemporary Style Villa in Al Rahmaniya - Sharjah

Villa Interior Design
Contemporary Style Villa in Al Rahmaniya - Sharjah

Algedra’s team of interior design went all the way on this project in Al Rahmaniya, Sharjah. It was a visionary concept for the contemporary style in interior design.

The client wanted to feel the aspects of luxury and modernism together which reflected the desire for a contemporary interior design. Our team of designers, creatively worked on the details of the contemporary style with visionary concepts and displayed the mixture of beauty and elegance in every corner of the project. Engineers with their vast experience worked to transform the dream into reality using all resources at their disposal to impress the client with their concept of interior and exterior design.

The project took 500 hours work time, and the execution phase featured a great team of engineers and 20 workers, to fully fit out the project interior and exterior with precision and dedication. The project finished timely in accordance with the deadline set at the start. And the dream of the client to own an amazing contemporary villa came to reality through the hard work of Algedra’s team.