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ALGEDRA Group for interior design has finished working on its latest project in redesigning and fit-out job of a residential apartment in the area of​​ Avcılar in Istanbul. The most experienced team of engineers and experts were assigned to the site to work on the details of the project for it needed special attention and creativity in designing and through the fit-out period that had to be finished within a limited time of 60 hours.

The members of this team worked continuously to complete the following tasks regarding the procedure to rehabilitate this apartment and implement its design in accordance with the contemporary style.

Study case:

The chosen style for the interiors of the apartment was concluded within a meeting with the client through general questions to get a hint of their general taste and kept the details hidden to surprise them later with as they walk in, the experts determined that contemporary style of interior design was the way to go with in addition of classical touches, amongst other important details such as color palette  to choose from with carefully selected accessories and wall paintings.

The Main Hall:

The main hall was divided into a living room and a dining room after a careful study of the space, and the furniture was properly rearranged to suit the area’s functions and looks. The walls were painted with harmonized shades of white and light gray with the smart use of wall paper to enrich the room’s depth. The problem of the old lighting was that it wasn’t bright enough so it was solved by redistribution of the lighting to cover a wider area and the addition of a luxurious chandelier matching up with the style in the living room.

In terms of furnishings, they have been carefully selected to suit the size and shape of the hall and are in keeping with the contemporary style, with the bonus of the comforting feeling. The colors were chosen in an attractive contrasting matter with gentle golden touches to the furnishings to give the room a rich and luxurious look.

The lines and connections of electricity and the Internet have been dealt with to stay hidden inside the walls and floors so that it won’t adversely affect the appearance of the place

The corridor:

The situation of the corridor has been studied and all the electrical and phone connections have been hidden, and the walls have been re-painted and accessories added.


The furniture has been relocated in the bedroom in the best way to exploit the full natural light in the place and expand the space in front of the windows to allow the sunlight to enter, wallpaper has been added behind the bed, and a wardrobe has been placed in the right place with a huge capacity and smart way of organizing in order to suit the requirements of the client’s daughter.