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Research Services & Feasibility studies
Research Services & Feasibility studies

Want to buy a vacant lot or an old house that you think is promising?

Any property you own - residential or commercial - is a valuable asset. But its inherent value depends on how you develop it. Proper construction will significantly increase resale value, while uninformed choices will have the opposite effect.

A site analysis in architecture is the first step of the design and construction process. It is done during the location selection and determines whether the site meets the expectations and requirements of the customer. The feasibility study allows developers to assess whether the site is financially efficient, compliant with regulations, and can be built within the specified time frame.

Site analysis explores several key areas that reveal critical information about a location. Land research, topographic features, elevation and slope, climate, drainage and flooding, soil composition and contamination, field services, improvements and zoning regulations are just a few of the issues addressed in a feasibility study.

Apart from this, street analysis, land use around the site and the historical, social and economic conditions of the area to be built are also included in the site analysis plan to determine the potential difficulties and advantages of your property.

Conducting a comprehensive feasibility study on real estate saves you time, and the certainty of knowing that your real estate project is not a shot in the dark, gives you invaluable peace of mind.

After the site analysis, it is important to know if the property you have in mind can actually be built on land. This is determined by zoning laws. Zoning improves the quality of life for people in towns and cities.

Understanding zoning will help you determine what type of structure you can build on your land, whether you can reuse existing property, or replace an old building with a new one.

What is the purpose of site analysis and zoning feasibility study?

Basically, a field analysis study determines whether your plan is technically and financially viable.

A comprehensive site analysis helps you to:

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages before investing in a property
  • Evaluate the scope of development paths for your site
  • Identify potential restrictions that could hinder site development
  • Evaluate a site's infrastructure features
  • Collect information to submit your zoning request

Who needs site analysis?

A site and zoning feasibility study can be the difference between a perfect construction and a failed attempt. It sounds dramatic, we know, but considering how much time, money and resources are spent developing a property, you can't afford that risk.

Consider taking a real estate feasibility study if:

  • You want to buy land for sale and are interested in developing it before you buy it.
  • You already have a plan and want a property that supports your project.
  • You already own a property and want to learn how to develop it for increased resale value.
  • You have land, but you don't know what it is to make the best use of your property.

Part of making sure your project has better chances of success is to run a real estate feasibility study. Understand what makes the perfect work and mistakes to avoid so that you can make accurate predictions.

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