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Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

A good real estate advisory firm has tremendous experience in the real estate. Working for years, be it buying, selling or renting, they should know how to make the venture profitable. A good advisor will let his/her clients’ know about the best time to sell, buy or convert an asset into any other profitable term.

We evaluate the real estate for both short and long term goals and provide the best options for any given property by considering all the factors, including market condition, client’s financial goals and situation; so we can give a perfect plan to increase the value of your currently owned assets or potential purchases.

It is important to know all the factors of buying, selling, renting, or converting a property into a profitable venture, it could be difficult for a you to be aware of the market demand and the value of the asset where it could be best profitable.

You might ow a real estate asset and may have other businesses, so your time and focus may be divided. Algedra as a Real estate advisors are constantly evaluating the market, new trends and technologies, zoning, and other influencing factors to help you make the best advantage of market shifts. We can help you maximize your real estate investment by developing strategies to make them income-producing properties. Real estate properties can provide benefits like no other investment vehicle.

Algedra Real Estate Advisors provide a decade worth of experience and unique analytical processes for all your real estate investment needs - from idea to completion, from development to long-term producing income asset. 

All Coordinated Civil Works

All Coordinated Civil Works

Civil works include all kinds of maintenance, design, and construction for both natural and physical built environments like roads, buildings, water canals, and dams. Civil engineers work on the project by constantly monitoring the progress and check for any unwanted issues in design, software, and machinery.

Before starting the project, civil engineers coordinate with the architect to discuss the following process to build the best infrastructure.


It is the most important part of civil work. Civil workers, along with the design team, prepare a complete layout for each floor; whether it is a building, villa, hospital, or restaurant. The flooring could be of different types depending on the client’s choice. Before moving ahead, civil workers make sure to complete all the water lines, pipes, and electrical work is completed perfectly, as once the flooring is done it is impossible to do so.


When it comes to plumbing, pipes are the most important for both internal and external parts. Civil engineers work on the plumbing design and ensure that the best pipes have been used so that no leakage problem occurs after the completion of the project.


Electrical work must be done before so that the wires are not visible on the walls. It is the job of the civil engineers to prepare a layout for the client to showcase the electrical points according to their desire where they want to keep their furniture so that the lighting connections are made accordingly.


Before the start of any excavation, soil erosion protection measures must be taken to prevent environmental damage or nuisance to the surrounding area.

Algedra has the best team for all your civil works requirements, be it at the beginning of the project or for maintenance and facilities management after the project has been finished. Carpentry, Masonry, paint jobs, ceiling repairs or taking down walls, are some of the most popular requirements under civil works. 

Research Services & Feasibility Studies

Research Services & Feasibility Studies

Want to buy a vacant lot or an old house that you think is promising?

Any property you own - residential or commercial - is a valuable asset. But its inherent value depends on how you develop it. Proper construction will significantly increase resale value, while uninformed choices will have the opposite effect.

A site analysis in architecture is the first step of the design and construction process. It is done during the location selection and determines whether the site meets the expectations and requirements of the customer. The feasibility study allows developers to assess whether the site is financially efficient, compliant with regulations, and can be built within the specified time frame.

Site analysis explores several key areas that reveal critical information about a location. Land research, topographic features, elevation and slope, climate, drainage and flooding, soil composition and contamination, field services, improvements and zoning regulations are just a few of the issues addressed in a feasibility study.

Apart from this, street analysis, land use around the site and the historical, social and economic conditions of the area to be built are also included in the site analysis plan to determine the potential difficulties and advantages of your property.

Conducting a comprehensive feasibility study on real estate saves you time, and the certainty of knowing that your real estate project is not a shot in the dark, gives you invaluable peace of mind.

After the site analysis, it is important to know if the property you have in mind can actually be built on land. This is determined by zoning laws. Zoning improves the quality of life for people in towns and cities.

Understanding zoning will help you determine what type of structure you can build on your land, whether you can reuse existing property, or replace an old building with a new one.

What is the purpose of site analysis and zoning feasibility study?

Basically, a field analysis study determines whether your plan is technically and financially viable.

A comprehensive site analysis helps you to:

Understand the advantages and disadvantages before investing in a property

Evaluate the scope of development paths for your site

Identify potential restrictions that could hinder site development

Evaluate a site's infrastructure features

Collect information to submit your zoning request

Who needs site analysis?

A site and zoning feasibility study can be the difference between a perfect construction and a failed attempt. It sounds dramatic, we know, but considering how much time, money and resources are spent developing a property, you can't afford that risk.

Consider taking a real estate feasibility study if:

You want to buy land for sale and are interested in developing it before you buy it.

You already have a plan and want a property that supports your project.

You already own a property and want to learn how to develop it for increased resale value.

You have land, but you don't know what it is to make the best use of your property.

Part of making sure your project has better chances of success is to run a real estate feasibility study. Understand what makes the perfect work and mistakes to avoid so that you can make accurate predictions.

Algedra is a streamlining of experts with the experience and passion to modernize real estate processes. Call us today for an efficient route from design to development that can bring your vision to life.

Development Consultancy and Management

Development Consultancy and Management

Property development consultancy plays a completely different role than real estate agents. The development manager must be familiar with the entire development process. We spend tremendous time analyzing the market with such care that we know better than most, and are able to help you decide whether or not it is the right choice for your development project. Our mission is to advise you on investment activities in the real estate market.

Here are some of the reasons to hire our development consultancy before developing a project.


Completing the project on time is an important and crucial requirement. Our company manages completion of the projects much faster than if you would plan to do it yourself. We have a vested relationship with the landowners and the investors, help them delivering those projects cost-effectively and on time.


There is nothing more important than riding the process of paperwork in the real estate market. We understand your expectation for the real estate process to be hustle free, fast and easy. Paperwork can be stressful sometimes and take longer than you expect. Our consultants manage all documents related to purchase and will help you to avoid the bureaucratic nightmare.


A successful property development consultant gives you the right advice to minimize the risks involved. This critical requirement can only be met with the help of professional experts. We have all the knowledge about the resources, and their utilization at the project.


The design manager is likely the most important person involved in the project delivery. Project design is a strategic need and it should be performed unnoticeably. Design manager works alongside pre-construction management, does project planning and programming on projects.

At Algedra, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your property development needs. Reach out to us for further details and detailed discussions on your project.

Property Valuation

Property Valuation

Want to sell, re-rent or see if your home has increased in value since you bought it? If so, we have the answers you need!

To account for any increase or decrease in value, you need to know the value of your property at various stages throughout its life cycle. To avoid conflicts of interest, your property value estimates should be prepared independently and impartially.

It is important to have a brief and objective overview of your portfolio's value and performance to help you make informed financial investments. This is where Algedra and our property valuation services can help!

Market Value

Valuation is an opinion or estimate of the value of a particular property as of a specific date. Valuation reports are used by businesses, government agencies, individuals, investors and mortgage companies when making decisions regarding real estate transactions. The purpose of the valuation is to determine the market value of a property - to show the most likely price the property will bring to a competitive and open market.

A project valuation allows you to understand whether your investment is viable. You may need a feasibility report for the following investment projects;

Land investments,

Hotel investments,

Commercial and Shopping Center investments,

Housing and Mass Housing investments,

Crop and harvest analysis and agricultural investments,

Industrial investments

For example; You may want to develop a hotel project or buy an existing hotel. When you order this project valuation report, you will receive the following information;

Land price appraisal, title deed information, land and location information on the map,

Debt status and technical status control in the Municipality and General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre,

Project development cost,

Construction cost and operating cost,

Financial report including income and expense flow,

Suggestions for realizing the most appropriate investment and alternative projects


Social and economic changes that occur following increased globalization have a significant impact on property value and related financial risks. Properties can gain or lose value due to changes in socio-demographic structure. Any unknown increase or decrease in value can result in lost revenue for owners and investors.

It is very important to get your property valuation estimate from a company you can trust!

Algedra provides objective third-party property valuation services for real estate acquisition, sales, mortgage, accounting and taxation at an international level for all types of buildings from commercial to residential and industrial facilities.

We also provide an assessment for your building's internal equipment and production facilities, based on our extensive multidisciplinary expertise and first-class know-how.

Contact us to get a consultation for your real estate valuation report!

Hospitality Operator Consultancy

Hospitality Operator Consultancy

The goal for every company should be to make its customers satisfied, and here with Algedra, you will be more than delighted with the customer experience you will have!

Algedra hospitality consultants are driven by a passion for hospitality, a determination to make the industry more hospitable for guests, more fulfilling and fun for associates, and a commitment to drive bottom-line results for owners.

We bridge cultural differences in hotel and restaurant operations by integrating talented individuals from all over the world, giving properties a unique advantage, which brings high-level understanding of political, economic, and cultural differences found in each region served. Rather than employing a one-size fits all mentality when evaluating a hotel and restaurant’s needs, we effectively apply a fresh approach that utilizes the many unique talents of an operation’s team members, making every person involved a true asset for the operation.

We are committed to delivering an outstanding client experience with the locally-relevant approach, don’t hesitate kindly contact us to find out more!

Land Purchase

Land Purchase

Purchasing land can be a great investment or the first step in building your dream house, a lot of research is required, it isn’t a decision one should make lightly. A raw piece of land has endless possibilities that it can be used for. Single and multiple family homes, retail and office spaces, hotels and resorts, malls and hospitals, etc, are some of the examples that can be developed on a piece of land.  

The key for the buyers is to determine what is their goal when buying a piece of land:

Is it to hold the property for a period of time until it appreciates to a certain return?

Construct home and then sell it to on.

Develop the land into commercial spaces and rent or sell it out.

Cultivate the land by growing crops to make a profit.

Risks to consider before buying land

Although an empty of land has endless possibilities, it also comes with a fair amount of restrictions and challenges that you will encounter while developing it:


Before purchasing land, be sure to research the zoning factors. Your city or country likely has a zoning search tool online through which you can research the property you are interested in buying, to know whether the land is zoned for residential use or you can build a commercial property on it, allowed height and approved size of development.


The absolute most important factor to consider before buying land is its location. A better location might not offer you an ideal piece of land or a desired price, but can be worth it. If you are able to walk to the shops, schools and public transport, can make life easier and healthier, but be aware of issues like noise pollution.


Contact utility companies to check that the block of your land can easily connect to all the utility services, includes sewerage line, running water, gas, telephone, cable and internet, or is your plot of land in the middle of nowhere. If you are unable to gain access to necessary utilities, it is a disaster for any potential development you were considering.

Environmental Issues

Is the land and the soil underneath is fit enough to be built upon? If it’s unstable it could cause the foundation to crack. Also the other important thing to determine is if the land is in flood zone or not. It can be very difficult for a layman to assess all these issues, a specialist help is recommended to figure out these issues before making a decision to buy.

Freehold or Leasehold

Will you be owning the land outright or it will be on lease for a determined period of time, normally 99 years. This topic merits a separate post of its own, both types have certain advantages and disadvantages and should be taken into consideration before purchasing land.

At Algedra, we specialize in real estate and land buying, our advisors will help you through this maze of information to make an informed land acquisition.







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