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Whether your home is big or small, you can make it look more spacious yet cozy.

Algedra designers share 7 interior design tricks that will make your home look bigger and give a feeling of freedom indoors.

1. Use light natural and artificial light

The best way to visually expand space is to bring out the dark areas using the light, whether natural or artificial. If you are designing your new home, consider natural light coming through the windows or unique solution such as starlight glazing in the ceiling.

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If your home is small and doesn’t have a lot of natural light, the best solution is to utilize the artificial light to the maximum, with a conceptual design that will highlight even darkest corners.

2. Optimize space with furniture and layout

Whether you prefer a classic style or modern style furniture, make a mindful choice taking into consideration the size. One of the best solutions is handcrafted, bespoke furniture designed for exact space, which optimizes the layout and creates more space. Simplicity and minimalism will suit smaller homes.

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3. Use suitable color pallet

Choosing the colors for your home interior is most fun, yet complicated, because of the wide choice of available options.

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To compensate for the lack of space, use shades of white and bright colors. If you are not a big fan of white color, you have options like pale grey, ivory, or beige. Use light colors as a base together with more vivid and dark as secondary, along with accent colors in furniture and decor items, this will give dimension to space.

4. Choose the right artwork

Pick the right artwork style, this will help you visually make the room bigger. Option out for large artworks like paintings or sets of paintings with an abstract theme and fewer details. Modern neat and simple style will bring a feel of amplitude to your walls. As an alternative, you can choose the glass wall decor, which will give more depth with its metallic look reflecting the light.

5. Use extra-long curtains

Long curtains falling to the bottom of the floor, even with small windows, will give an effect of tall ceilings and make the height of the room look higher than it is. Alternatively, use light color blinds for a modern look.

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6. Visually expand space with mirrors

Using big mirrors will create an illusion of multiplied space. Used in small spaces as well as in large will not only make you glance at the reflection but also will expand any room visually.

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It is such a universal design trick that you can use it in any area of your home. Use mirrors in the entrance, hall, dining room, living room, or even bedroom. 

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7. Decorate floor smartly

To make your home look bigger, choose the light color for the floor, whether, it will be a marble floor or a natural wooden floor. When choosing the carpet or rugs, take into consideration the dimensions of the room and furniture layout. Choose simple patterns or plain color, rather than complicated ornaments.

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Those few tricks will help you create more spacious home and visually expand the existing space. For more design ideas check our portfolio or contact our experts for help with your home design.