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Warming up in front of a fire is hardwired into our DNA. In the prehistoric era of cave art and spear fights, people gathered around fires for both heat and socialization. After a day of not getting attacked by lions, communities would come together to have a meal and relax.

How far we've come, but the comforting glow of a fire is still irreplaceable for creating a feeling of security, camaraderie, and peace. Even though there are many other heating options, it remains the center point in millions of households today.

Is there any place for a fireplace in today's home? How would a fireplace fit into your decor? Get some ideas from these 10 fireplace decoration trends.

1- Create an urban, industrial style

Can you no longer use your original fireplace? It's not too expensive to have your own forged concrete surround custom made to look like marble or stone. Once the stove is turned off, the orange accents warm up the otherwise dark room.

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2- Harmonize the color scheme of your fireplace with the surrounding walls and interior design.

In most cases, fireplaces will be noticed for the wrong reasons. So, to make yours blend in with the surroundings and interior design, paint it the same color as the walls. Use of a dark hue as opposed to a light neutral can greatly enhance the impact of this technique. Use the shade as inspiration for your soft furnishings, but don't forget to balance it out with some "light" tones. 

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3- Incorporate a fireplace that burns wood.

Does anyone need a fireplace alcove? Set up a fireplace that uses logs as fuel. It can heat the entire living room or bedroom, and serve as a marvelously cozy focal point. In order to guarantee the building's safety and engineering conforms to current standards, it's important to choose a professional contractor, and interior designer. 

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4- Decorate a secluded area

Bungalows can only be truly indulged in by including massive open fireplaces, or Inglenooks, as they are more commonly known. Once used for cooking and gathering supplementary heat, fireplaces are now primarily used for aesthetic and ambiance purposes.

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Their stately appearance is the very definition of rustic style, fitting right in with wood-beamed ceilings and soft couches. So that the fireplace may function properly with a good draft up the flue, it is important to have adequate, permanent ventilation in the region.

5- Blend of industrial and minimal aesthetic

This concrete fireplace is typical of the industrial aesthetic that has become fashionable in many contemporary homes. The use of simple materials with clean horizontal and vertical lines is characteristic of the modern aesthetic.

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6- Dress up the mantle

Ever wonder which way your living room's furniture faced before the advent of television? Despite the fact that numerous have been forgotten about or torn down entirely, the hearth is once again gaining popularity as a result of our contemporary fascination with the past.

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Choose a few bold pieces of decor to make a big impression. Giant letters spelling out children's names are a cute idea, or you could put a large scale print over the mantle and clear it off.

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7- Accompany your fireplace's shelves with a shelf

Fill an unsightly void by installing shelves in a small, low fireplace that no longer accommodates a fireplace or that has been sealed off and plastered over. This is especially helpful in bedrooms for keeping books and in kitchens for creating extra space for attractive displays.

8- Throw some space-saving storage into that nook

The built-in nook is perfect for a freestanding cabinet, so if you happen to be the proud owner of a massive hearth that is no longer in use, you can take advantage of it. An artisanal piece of furniture may be a pleasant alternative to an expensive undertaking requiring an innate style.

9- Place logs in the voids.

Load up a fireplace that's not being used with logs for a dramatic effect. Wood for use in fireplaces is making a chic statement of rustic comfort this year. When stacked and labeled with an interior designer's eye, this unassuming heat source becomes a trendy new way to add a textural element to a winter house.

10- Bring some light to your hearth.

It's possible that an exposed brick wall is currently fashionable as an aesthetic hearth design. It's a homage to the industrial style that stands out, provides texture, and works well with both traditional and modern decor.

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11- Embellish your fireplace with branches you gathered on your travels.

Sunday strolls can serve a higher purpose if you use the time to forage for greenery to use as fireplace décor in the surrounding hedgerows. Put your pruning shears in your back pocket and keep an eye out for ivy, rose hips, eucalyptus, yew, and box. They'll be attractive to look at, and they'll be useful as firewood, too.

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