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French country interior design is a unique and very addictive form of rustic chic.
In this blog we will give you some easy-to-copy French country home decor ideas for a convincing French country home decorating look.

French country colors represent gentleness, when they're bright, deep or pastel, Whites are warm, cream, ivory. Other colors come directly from the landscape: dusty sages and lavenders, sunny yellows and sky blues, pink and brick reds. 

The French country furniture is based on elegance and functionality and they are largely free of the embellishments that historically have marked more affluent in French designs, they're shapely and well scaled, with an eye toward balance.

unique French country interior design
A sofa cushion with an applique’s, monogrammed patch will add a dose of panache to your country French style living room, keeping with the collected look, away from match types furniture sets. Instead, mix wood pieces in a variety of natural finishes with metal ones that show a little age. 

About French country accessories they are purely decorated. Usually they have an undertone of usefulness like wall-hung plates that can be pulled down for service, jugs and jars that use in house kitchen staples, baskets and open shelving is a natural partner for this look.

house kitchen staples design

In French country style, the contrast details that lean toward the ornate, intricate, and elegant look are rough, rustic, and raw is a big part of the style’s charm, choose items that reflect the Provencal countryside to carry your aesthetic through. Country-friendly themes such as roosters, toile, olives, sunflowers, grapes, and lavender are lovely components to add to any French country styled space.

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