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Urban style living space in interior design is perfect for cosmopolit dwellers. It is a nod to the ultimate living of industrial influences, contemporary interiors and modern style. This elevated style stands out on its own. This unique style in interior design, which is always trending thanks to its coveted emphasis on comfort and its glamorous urban life, also creates an insightful route to design your own oasis in the city.

Algedra interior designers say ‘’Urban interior design can exist everywhere, not just in cities. Weathered brick walls and exposed ceilings evoke urban design, but if your space isn't equipped with them, stainless steel is another easy way to get that same chic, urban vibe. Also, you can find it almost anywhere.’’

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‘’In commercial places such as shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and others. Bear in mind that it is crucial how it also affects the interior design of a house.’’

Urban style is a great feature for a modern home or industrial loft facing city rooftops. Imagine airy spaces that are light and bright which take full advantage of the architectural entity realized with soft furnishings and sumptuous home decoration.

We offer a comprehensive guide that breaks down interior design style with tips from Algedra decorators in Dubai to illustrate our take on the gritty urban decor style;

Serene hues, calming tones

Urban style is mesmerized interiors with soothing and serene hues yet stunningly decorated houses that feature a lived-in sense of sophistication by using neutrals and warm tones.

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Urban style lighting is also very important to create a more relaxing ambiance with the touch of natural look in the interior. In some areas where you want to feel more 'homey', such as the bedroom, reading room, dining room, family room and others, you may not want to keep the lighting too bright.

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Soften space look

Gritty urban interior design is contemporary, modern and industrial at its core, but not quite as aggressive as a purely ultra-modern or solid industrial design. From warmer tones to highly engineered and cozy soft furnishings, urban style decor often has a softer side and urban interiors place an equal focus on comfort and bright design.

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To bring a room together with a cosmopolitan effect, use one-off and complimentary design styles to keep it warm and inviting at the same time, with minimal features softened by plush fabrics and rugs.

Comfortable furniture

No urban style bedroom or living room would be complete without comfortable home furnishings to soften and complete the look. Consider rugs made from natural materials in warm tones on a white, gray or wooden floor.

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Urban style accessories 

Bring plants and botanicals for an organic and natural hint mixed with urban decor to keep the entire space light and fresh. This also provides a convenient way to bring in color if you haven't already.

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Statement pieces

Making a distinctive statement is key to adding personality to the urban style. Every room should have at least one statement piece; whether it's a piece of art, furniture with a bold pattern or vibrant colors, or engaging lighting. However, a statement piece doesn't have to be flashy as long as it has an interesting element of the room that makes it unique.

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Now, will you dare to implement the ideas of creating “urban style” in your own home? Or you can explore the “urban style” ambiance in any commercial space that uses this concept for its interior design. Whatever your choice, make sure it fits your personality, needs, and even to your family.

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