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All Coordinated Civil Works
All Coordinated Civil Works

Civil works include all kinds of maintenance, design, and construction for both natural and physical built environments like roads, buildings, water canals, and dams. Civil engineers work on the project by constantly monitoring the progress and check for any unwanted issues in design, software, and machinery.

Before starting the project, civil engineers coordinate with the architect to discuss the following process to build the best infrastructure.


It is the most important part of civil work. Civil workers, along with the design team, prepare a complete layout for each floor; whether it is a building, villa, hospital, or restaurant. The flooring could be of different types depending on the client’s choice. Before moving ahead, civil workers make sure to complete all the water lines, pipes, and electrical work is completed perfectly, as once the flooring is done it is impossible to do so.


When it comes to plumbing, pipes are the most important for both internal and external parts. Civil engineers work on the plumbing design and ensure that the best pipes have been used so that no leakage problem occurs after the completion of the project.


Electrical work must be done before so that the wires are not visible on the walls. It is the job of the civil engineers to prepare a layout for the client to showcase the electrical points according to their desire where they want to keep their furniture so that the lighting connections are made accordingly.


Before the start of any excavation, soil erosion protection measures must be taken to prevent environmental damage or nuisance to the surrounding area.

Algedra has the best team for all your civil works requirements, be it at the beginning of the project or for maintenance and facilities management after the project has been finished. Carpentry, Masonry, paint jobs, ceiling repairs or taking down walls, are some of the most popular requirements under civil works. 

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